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Introduction to Digital History

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Discovering: Going Digital


Discovering: Going Digital


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Google Docs

Presentation schedule


Each week, we'll be using new technologies to do historical work. We will also see online compilations of various tools used in the digital humanities. There are more tools than we'll have time to visit in this course, and new ones are continually in development and released. Part of working in this field is getting comfortable with that changing landscape, and to be willing to learn new tools that will hopefully help you do the job you'd like to do. Each week, some of you will present your work with a tool of your choice. Show us what it is, how it works, what you were able to do with it, and share your opinions on it.


  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Significance
  • Example -- do something with it


Getting Started in the Digital Humanities
-- Lisa Spiro

  • Determine what goals or questions motivate you.
  • Get acquainted with the digital humanities.
  • Participate in the DH community.
  • Stay informed.
  • Explore examples for inspiration and models.
  • Pursue training.
  • Learn standards and best practices.
  • Find collaborators.
  • Plan a pilot project.
  • Where possible, adopt/adapt existing tools.


Going Digital
-- William J. Turkel


Web Browsers

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  • Safari
  • Chrome (Google)
  • Firefox



Download and install.

Some online sources

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Short Assignments

The short assignments are 2-page reflective reports on technologies that are introduced in class. In each case you will try a tool and write about the things that you liked or did not, about ways that the technology might be used to assist the historian in his or her work, and things that historians should be cautious or critically aware of when using the tool.

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